Saturday 18 March 2023

Der Müde Tod

Music by Ziv Taubenfeld's Full Sun | Grote zaal | 19:00

Der Müde Tod | Fritz Lang | Germany, 1921

A young woman (Lil Dagover) confronts the personification of Death (Bernhard Goetzke), in an effort to save the life of her fiancé (Walter Janssen). The silent expressionist classic by director Fritz Lang is one of the artistic highlights of the silent film era. Rich in expressionist imagery and featuring innovative special effects work, Der Müde Tod has often been overlooked amongst Lang’s early work, but has been hugely influential, with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Luis Buñuel citing it as a direct influence on their work.


Music by Ziv Taubenfeld's Full Sun
Ziv Taubenfeld's Full Sun is an ensemble based on leading musicians from Amsterdam's jazz and improvised music community. While the compositions are designed by Taubenfeld, what shapes the pieces in performances is the contribution of the individuals in real-time. Each musician in this group brings into the mix a unique and colorful sound-world, drawing inspiration from jazz, contemporary classical music and psychedelia. Full Sun has presented it's music in many of the international jazz festivals and venues in Europe, this multi-disciplinary collaboration intends to create an inspiring tension between the film, the musicians, the public, the given silence of the original film and the new music - created on the spot.

Ziv Taubenfeld - bass clarinet, gongs
Michael Moore - alto sax, clarinet
Joost Buis - trombone
Marta Warelis - synths, percussion
Nico Chientaroli - piano, synth
Rozemarie Heggen - double bass
Shay Hazan - double bass, guimbri
Onno Govaert - drums, percussion

"We immediately hear what is so characteristic of Taubenfeld's music: that combination of melodic lyricism and unadulterated rawness. For him, one never goes without the other." – Ben Taffijn

"This is a crowning example of a collective song, where the band's dynamics are allowed to flourish in all stages." - Jan Granlie

"Inside you can hear micro granules of jazz, swing and even New Orleans aesthetics. The outer layer, however, is far dark, mysterious, as if it hides great secrets from the Far East." - Andrzej Nowak