Sounds of Silence 2023

Art exhibition

Jemima de Jonge

This year Sounds of Silence Festival presents an installation and two short films by artist Jemima de Jonge that will run throughout the weekend, from 15:00 to 23:00. In the former swimming pool basin (Het Diepe) de Jonge presents the performative video installation The Routine, and in former boiler room (Het Ketelhuis), the shorts: Enter Amazons (2022), Uprooted (2021).

About Jemima de Jonge

Jemima de Jonge studies in her fourth year of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. Her drawings, sculptures, installations, performances and films merge into one gesture. They are stories with distinctive humour. She experiences a constant tension between the need for control and a longing for surrender. De Jonge's work is characterised by her body as a transmitter for ideas, emotions, stories and other mental states of being.

de Jonge installation

The Routine (2023) | Het Diepe

As shadows of furniture and plants pass by her, a young woman eavesdrops on a conversation. Why does she react so intensely to what she hears, straight through the wall? Why does she start to listen again and again? The Routine is an alienating experience on the border of reality and imagination. This performative video installation by Jemima de Jonge was originally made at the invitation of street gallery 'De Spelonk'.

Short Films | Het Ketelhuis

de Jonge installation

In Uprooted (2021), the viewer is seduced to wander through a dark empty city. The film consists of one continuous shot through maquettes made from paper and charcoal. At unexpected moments, a few clothes and an apple appear on a clothesline crisscrossing the city. These seem to offer the wanderer guidance through strange situations. Passing by windows, peeping into a world we cannot reach.

de Jonge installation

In Enter Amazons, real live action is combined with animation. From inside various cardboard living rooms, we see strange figures passing by outside. We move along to her rhythm to a surprising mise en scene.

Free entrance.